2020 and 2021 IDA and IDPAC Award Recipients

At the 2021 Midwest Dental Assembly, IDA honored and recognized those who have done an outstanding job promoting, practicing or volunteering for the field of dentistry. This year we recognized recipients from both 2020 and 2021 since the 2020 Midwest Dental Assembly was cancelled. Scroll to the bottom to view a slideshow of recipients.


It’s not too early to begin thinking about nominations for 2022! Visit our Awards page to learn more and to recognize excellence in your colleagues and friends of dentistry.


Rising Star Award

2020–Dr. Rachel Dunlop

2021–Dr. Pamela Linder


Charles W. Gish Award

2020–Mary Briscoe and Tammy Jones

2021–Dr. Stephen Pritchard


Dr. Raymond Maddox Legacy Award

2020–Dr. Tim Treat

2021–Dr. Jill Torkeo


Heyde Legacy Award

2020–Northwest Indiana Dental Society

2021–Isaac Knapp District Dental Society


Dr. Don Scroggins Advocate Award

2020–Dr. Steve Holm

2021–Dr. John Roberts


Norwin Niles Legislative Excellence Award

2021–Rep. Denny Zent


Special Service Award

2020–Kay Maddox

2021–Mary Cooper and Kathy Thompson


Dental Lifeline Network Outstanding Service Awards

2020–Dr. Eric Compton, Dr. Brett Henrikson, John’s Dental Laboratory

2021  – Dr. Terrance Mahoney, Dr. Christopher Burns, William and Company Dental Laboratory


Leadership Award

2020–Dr. David Holwager

2021–Dr. Steve Ellinwood


Lloyd J. Phillips Distinguished Service Awards

2020–Dr. Timothy Shambaugh

2021–Dr. Timothy Carlson


Maynard K. Hine Award

2020–Dr. Denny Zent

2021–Dr. Daniel Fridh


IDA President Citation Awards

Dr. Wilbur Manchette

Dr. Steve Hollar

Carolyn Hansen

Dr. Mandy Miller


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