IDA Committees and Subcommittees

The IDA serves its members with the help of various committees and subcommittees whose members provide input, guidance and practical assistance on the day to day operations of the IDA. Below are summaries of each committee and subcommittee, with links for more information.

Excellence in Professional Development Committee

Charged with enhancing the professional development of IDA members and their dental teams through continuing education, networking opportunities and conducting IDA related event programming. The Excellence in Professional Development Committee has the overarching task of overseeing the professional development of IDA members and their staffs.

Dental Practice Committee

Charged with helping dentists and dental practices succeed. The Dental Practice Committee has the overarching responsibility of helping members and their practices be successful. The Committee will be assisted by four subcommittees, described below.


  • Dental Education Subcommittee
    The subcommittee will serve as liaison to IUSD and focus on dental education related issues.
  • Dental Benefits Subcommittee
    Previously the Council on Dental Benefit Programs, the subcommittee will focus on third party payer issues and their inherent effect on dental practices.
  • Peer Review Subcommittee
    Previously the Council on Peer Review, the subcommittee will oversee management of the Peer Review program, plan training and guidance to local peer review chairs and staff, and, if needed, serve as the appeal board for any local peer review decisions.
  • Well Being Subcommittee
    The subcommittee will oversee management of the Well Being program and its contract clinical coordinator.


Dental Public Health Committee

Charged with improving the oral health of Hoosiers, the Dental Public Health Committee has overarching responsibility for improving public health by establishing and monitoring metrics, monitoring access issues, encouraging oral health literacy and supporting charitable care clinics and special events. It will monitor, support and encourage collaboration between various educational and charitable educational efforts that previously worked independently of each other.


  • IndianaMoM Subcommittee
    The subcommittee is responsible for planning and conducting the Mission of Mercy (MOM) program.
  • Drinks Destroy Teeth Subcommittee
    The subcommittee oversees the public awareness program designed to decrease dental caries by discouraging the consumption of harmful beverages.
  • Infant Oral Health Subcommittee
    The subcommittee will educate dentists and parents on the importance of age-one dental visits and other infant oral healthcare issues.
  • Medicaid Subcommittee
    Examines overarching and day to day issues related to Medicaid, with a goal of program efficiency and improvement.


Communications Committee

Charged with keeping members and the public informed of issues affecting dentistry and oral health. The Council on Communications focuses on the changing strategies for communicating with members, with emphasis on the IDA website and the Journal IDA. The Committee will continue this focus, with the added charge of communicating important dental related issues to the public.


  • Website Subcommittee
    The subcommittee focuses on maintaining and improving the IDA website.
  • Editorial Subcommittee
    The subcommittee works with the Editor to oversee the Journal IDA and electronic publications content.


Governmental Affairs Committee

Charged with making the IDA the state’s most influential voice on oral health public policy issues. The Committee will continue its current focus, with increased emphasis on establishing an organizational structure that maximizes IDA’s advocacy effectiveness.


Membership Committee

Charged with recruiting and retaining members. the Membership Committee is responsible for evaluating and implementing various membership programs. It assesses membership value to dentists and oversees marketing efforts to recruit new, and retain existing, IDA members.


  • New Dentist Subcommittee
    The subcommittee will support the Committee’s efforts, with special focus on the needs and interests of dentists who are in their first 10 years of practice. The Subcommittee will assist in engaging younger dentists in leadership and is responsible for choosing the New Dentist Trustee and the New Dentist representative on the IDA delegation to the ADA House.


Leadership Committee

Charged with recruiting members for IDA and ADA positions and developing future association leaders. The Leadership Committee will bring leadership and oversight to a number of important groups that previously worked largely independent of each other. It will also be responsible for developing a “leadership pipeline” to recruit and retain IDA’s future leaders.


  • AIR Subcommittee
    The subcommittee focuses specifically on IDA’s “Acceptance, Inclusion, and Respect” program, planning and implementing leadership training for dentist demographic groups that have traditionally been under-represented in IDA membership and leadership.
  • Nominating Subcommittee
    The subcommittee recruits and vets future IDA committee and subcommittee members and each year makes appointment recommendations to the IDA Board.
  • Awards Subcommittee
    The subcommittee solicits nominees for various IDA awards and recognition programs, review applications, and presents award recommendations to the IDA Board each year.


Strategic Planning Committee

Charged with developing, implementing and monitoring IDA’s strategic objectives


Finance Committee

Charged with oversight of IDA’s financial resources. The Finance Committee develops and proposes the Annual Budget to the Board, monitors monthly financial reports from the IDA’s CPA, and meets quarterly with the IDA’s investment advisor to monitor Reserve Fund and Relief Fund investments, and meets annually to review the outside auditor’s audit report.


Member Insurance Committee

Charged with choosing and monitoring the insurance programs that benefit IDA members. The Insurance Committee reviews, monitors, and when necessary recommends changes regarding IDA’s endorsed member insurance programs and services.



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