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Dental Emergency Medical Kits: IDA Endorses HealthFirst

Dental Emergency Medical Kits: IDA Endorses HealthFirst

Indiana Dental Association (IDA) has announced HealthFirst as its exclusive endorsed provider of dental emergency medical kits for IDA members. An emergency medical kit containing up-to-date medications is a key element of patient safety and emergency preparedness in dental offices. With this endorsement, IDA members may take advantage of special discounts on HealthFirst emergency medical kits, ranging from the basic SM Series kits to the advanced Mobile ACLS kits.  

Dental Emergency Medical KitsHealthFirst has provided emergency medical kits for over 40 years to dentists across the United States. The company currently tracks and automatically replenishes expired emergency medications for more than 40,000 dental offices, helping ensure that their kits are always up to date. Indiana dentists can speak with a HealthFirst compliance counselor who will help them assess the needs of their practice and the type of kit that will help keep them prepared for a medical emergency and compliant with their state and local regulations.   “

We have spoken with a lot of dental offices who have relied on our kits to manage medical emergencies,” notes Dr. Don Cohen, Chief Clinical Officer of HealthFirst. “Recent stories have included treating patients with anaphylaxis and low blood sugar as well as addressing an office staff member’s severe allergic reaction. Medical emergencies really do happen in dental practices, and HealthFirst is proud to help customers stay prepared.”  

“Indiana Dental Association is delighted to endorse HealthFirst’s emergency medical kits, which are already the market leader in dentistry,” says Ed Rosenbaum, IDA Director of Professional Services. “We like working with HealthFirst because they offer full service solutions tailored to the needs of dental practices. For example, when they send replacements for expired medications in their medical kits, they also provide the materials necessary to ship back the expired medications for compliant disposal.”  

HealthFirst aims to provide dental practices with an optimal customer experience by reducing the burden of compliance tasks such as maintaining an emergency medical kit. “We recognize that it can be a challenge for dental practices to monitor medications and reorder them prior to expiration,” says Dr. Cohen. “HealthFirst manages these tasks for our customers, and we even provide OnTraQ, a cloud-based software solution, to simplify tracking, reporting and compliance management for both single and multi-office dental practices.”  

The Indiana Dental Association endorsement provides exclusive discounts to IDA members on HealthFirst emergency medical kits of at least 10 percent and a special introductory offer is available through July 31, 2017. To take advantage of these discounts and special endorsement launch offers, IDA members may contact a HealthFirst Compliance Counselor at 888-963-6787 or visit www.healthfirst.com/ada.