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Application Deadline Extended for New Council/Committee Leaders

Application Deadline Extended for New Council/Committee Leaders

The 2017 IDA House of Delegates approved dramatic changes to IDA’s council and committee structure. Earlier this month the selection process started for the first leaders under the new system.

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“Our existing system consists of councils and committees,” said IDA Executive Director Doug Bush. “The 2017 House approved a new system of committees and subcommittees that will launch in May 2018. Last week the Interim Nominating Committee established by the House began receiving applications for the new positions.” Under the new system, all existing council and committee members will need to apply for a new position. No appointments are automatic: Everyone needs to apply. Applications are made via an online survey tool. Any IDA member may apply. To apply:

  1. Review the list of committees/subcommittees and their corresponding job duties and pick the one or two committees or subcommittees that interest you most. (see the Summary of Duties here)
  2. Submit your application. The online survey should only take a few minutes to complete. You have the option to upload a CV or other materials to assist you Nominating Committee in reviewing your application. (apply for a new committee here)


The deadline for submitting your committee application has been extended. Application ASAP.

Once the application process ends, the Nominating Committee will begin reviewing candidates for committee and subcommittee chairs. Recommendations will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for consideration at its January 13, 2018 meeting. The process for recommending members to the various committees and subcommittees will continue, with final recommendations submitted to the Board for consideration at its April 7, 2018, meeting. “Under the new system, most committees and subcommittees will be smaller and more nimble,” said Bush. “We expect more meetings via web conference, allowing more time to be spent on discussing issues, with less time traveling to and from meetings. The new system should make  more efficient and (remove) use of volunteers, which will be good for IDA and more create a more  fulfilling experience for our volunteers.”

Contact the Interim Nominating Committee

Questions may be directed to any member of the Interim Nominating Committee:
Chad R. Leighty, DDS, Chairdrleighty@pdcmarion.com
Jay Asdell, DDShoosieroms@gmail.com
Lisa Conard, DDSb.conard@comcast.net
Mandy Miller, DDSmandykotdds@gmail.com
Mark Thomas, DDSjmtdds@bcremc.net
Greg Phillips, DDSdrgreg@columbusperioandimplants.com



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