Dental Radiology Self Study Program

The Indiana Dental Association has created a great resource for those who want to get certified in dental radiology. There are great advantages to utilizing the IDA’s Dental Radiology Self Study Program.

  • Approved and recognized by the State of Indiana Health Depatiment
  • One of the few “On the Job” training programs allowing you to be productive and earn your certification at the same time
  • Tailor made and written for Indiana forms and process
  • IDA worked closely with Indiana and Radiology Professors to make the best program for dentists and dental staff
  • In house IDA experts can answer your questions and facilitate a smooth certification process
  • Reviewed and tested by hundreds dentists and dental assistants

Created specifically for Indiana Dentists and Dental Assistants our program includes sample planning calendars, study guides, all the forms needed, a great text book and has been reviewed by dental radiology professors, dentists and dental assistants. As always, with any IDA resource, the IDA provides you personal service to answer your questions and welcomes feedback on this program.

At a Glance Checklist for Receiving Dental Radiology License

  1. Order IDA Dental Radiology Self Study Program Materials.
  2. Receive materials and review them.
  3. When ready to begin practicing radiographs, fill out the Application for Provisional or Student Permit (See Appendix A for example, form and address) and mail it to the Indiana State Department of Health – this permit is valid for 6 months after you receive it.
  4. Receive the Provisional Permit.
  5. Study and practice taking radiographs.
  6. Once the study and practice is completed, send the IDA the Course Completion Form (See Appendix B) to receive your graduation certificate.
  7. Sign up for the DANB Radiation Health and Safety Exam (See Appendix C). Questions? Call 1-800-FOR-DANB or go online at
  8. DANB will notify you of eligibility and exam locations.
  9. Take and pass the DANB-RHS exam. DANB will notify the State regarding your results.
  10. The State Department of Health will contact you regarding your DANB exam results.
    1. After passing the exam, complete the Application for Radiology License (See Appendix D for example, form, and address).  Mail the completed form and payment to the Indiana State Department of Health.
    2. Fill out the Application for Proficiency Certification for Limited Radiographer (See Appendix E for example, forms and address). Be sure to include a copy of your graduation certificate, and mail it to the Indiana State Department of Health.
  11. Receive Dental Radiology Certificate from the Indiana State Department of Health.


What You Will Learn

The Radiology Self Study Program covers everything from radiology law to competency sign off forms. It provides everything a dentist or assistant needs to become dental radiology licensed, including:

  • an outline of educational requirements
  • an explanation of Indiana and DANB forms
  • sign off sheets for hands-on competencies,
  • a walk through of the details required of the Indiana dental radiology process.
  • “student” and “trainer” manuals with textbooks, CD references, checklists and sample calendars.

Train and obtain radiology certification in your office with the IDA’s easy step-by-step guide at a bargain price.


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