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AHI Travel Temple Of Philae-300AHI Travel will send you on the trip of a lifetime. River, land and ocean journeys are based on itineraries that balance the must-see with the road less traveled and include enough flexibility to accommodate individual preferences. All of AHI’s programs feature a strong educational component and the goal of presenting worry-free travel experiences that foster a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and natural phenomena by putting travelers in direct touch with local people and cultures.

With over 50 years of experience, AHI Travel is proud to have become one of the leading group travel companies in the world by establishing a reputation for excellence in service, quality and value. AHI offers ADA members phenomenal trips that include:


ADA Member Value:

ADA Members that book trips with AHI will receive a special $250 member discount, personalized customer service and assistance preparing for all aspects of the trip, and the opportunity to attend a dentistry related reception.


What AHI Travelers Have Said:

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