IDA Glove Program

Improve Your Bottom Line with Savings on Gloves and Supplies



Indiana Dental Association members can now save money on bibs, sterilization pouches, non-woven gauze and other disposable products, as well as on exam gloves and masks, using a purchasing program developed and administered by Association Gloves and endorsed by the Indiana Dental Association.

Is your practice among the thousands nationally that are adding to its bottom line the easiest way possible — by spending less on the essential products used in volume daily? Bonus: You get great personalized service, free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee in addition to substantial savings.

Every dollar saved produces pure profit. If you save $40 or $50 on one case of gloves, and you use even 100 cases a year, you could enhance your bottom line by as much as $5,000 simply by changing your purchasing practices. Those savings can really add up, too. For instance, in five years you could save $25,000 — $50,000 in 10 years.

Association Gloves was started by the for-profit subsidiary of the Michigan Dental Association specifically to provide dental association members like you with the opportunity to drive down costs on exam gloves by offering nationally known brands at prices substantially below those of other distributors. When IDA members buy from Association Gloves, they are creating non-dues revenue for the IDA, which means more money is available for member services without raising dues.

The depth of the glove program’s product line, free samples and free sample boxes, makes it pretty easy to find the right gloves for your office. There’s a high likelihood Association Gloves carries the gloves you now use. And shipping is always free.

Expanded Lines

Meet your mask requirements with Halyard Health’s line of ASTM-rated masks or the BeeSure Level 2 mask. Other mask manufacturers may be coming aboard soon.Because of the glove program’s success, it has expanded into other disposable products: bibs, sterilization pouches, barrier film, drinking cups, gauze, cotton rolls and cotton-tipped applicators. More products are under consideration.

To keep the mainstay of the program fresh and relevant, Association Gloves continues to enhance its glove product line. There are more than 90 gloves available with the introduction of sterile and surgical gloves, flavored gloves, and expansion in the Innovative Healthcare Corp. (IHC) product line. Brands available include Microflex, Cranberry, Halyard Health (formerly Kimberly-Clark), EcoBee, Plak Smacker, Sempermed and IHC. You can choose from nitrile, chloroprene, powder-free latex, powdered latex, vinyl and fitted gloves.

The IDA glove program also helps you manage your inventory with its recurring order offering. Choose from auto-shipments or Association Gloves can call you to confirm the shipment prior to releasing the order in case your needs change.

Finally, buying from the glove program is risk-free. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, simply call Association Gloves to arrange a return shipment and get a refund.

Ease of Buying

It is easy to buy from the glove program. Just go to to shop securely online. A free mobile app, available from the Apple App Store or Google Play under the Association Gloves name, offers app-only specials and discounts. Download the mobile app and place an order to receive $5 off a purchase of $175 or more of regularly priced products. Just call 877-484-6149 for personal service. You can “like” the Facebook page to stay on top of special promotions and to keep up with glove program news.

The IDA glove program offers multiple quarterly special promotions, presenting members with extraordinary values on products from several manufacturers. Quarterly special promotions are expected to continue into the foreseeable future to bring even more value and greater savings to members. Take the time to shop for savings with the Association Gloves program.