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Journal Peer Review Policy

Peer Review Policy

In order to provide reliable and credible research and information to the dental community, the Journal IDA is a double-blind peer reviewed publication.  Our double-blind review system reduces bias by maintaining complete anonymity of authors and reviewers.

The values of peer review are many:

  • The significance of the Journal IDA is enhanced. Utilizing our peer review process allows us to consistently publish only the highest quality, substantiated material.
  • Dentists and members of the dental community can better prioritize their reading. Readers of the Journal IDA can have confidence that the material has been vetted by experts in the field of dentistry and dental specialties.
  • The value of the author’s work is increased. Having the cogency of research verified by our panel of dental experts augments the validity of the dental manuscript, paper, or scientific article.
  • The general public can benefit from the fact that members of their oral health team are using the peer reviewed Journal IDA in their ongoing education.


Our peer review process is designed to establish the originality of the submission, evaluate the validity of the science behind the paper’s conclusions, determine the significance of the findings and whether they advance the field of dentistry, and identify scientific, medical, or factual errors and recommend correction.


The Journal IDA reviewers are chosen from members of the American Dental Association, associates of the Indiana University School of Dentistry, directors of the Indiana Dental Association and other practitioners and educators in the oral health field. Reviewers are assigned particular manuscripts based on expertise, previous experience, reputation or recommendation.


The steps in our peer review process are:

  1. Manuscript submitted to the Indiana Dental Association (both solicited and non-solicited manuscripts are reviewed prior to publication)
  2. Manuscript initially reviewed by Journal editor
  3. Anonymous manuscript assigned to appropriate reviewer(s)
  4. Reviewer(s) return manuscript to editor with one of the following recommendations:
    1. accept the manuscript as submitted
    2. accept the manuscript with minor revisions
    3. invite the author to submit a major revision (major revisions must pass peer review before publication)
    4. reject the manuscript altogether
  5. Editor informs author of peer review results


Once a manuscript has passed the peer review process, it will either be assigned to a future issue of the Journal IDA, or held in our manuscript repository. Manuscripts in the repository may be published in a future issue of the Journal based on an appropriate theme.


Should a difference of opinion arise between reviewers, the editor will consider all comments and determine whether the manuscript is fit for publication or should be returned to the author for suggested edits.