About the IDA

Headquartered in downtown Indianapolis, the Indiana Dental Association (IDA) serves over 83 percent of Indiana’s practicing dentists, more than 3,000 members. The IDA is comprised of 15 component societies, which serve each of Indiana’s 92 counties, and is a constituent society of the American Dental Association.

Dental health is important to us, and our members. The IDA staff can help you find a dentist in your community, sources for dental care information, and phone numbers and addresses of low-cost dental clinics. Much of this information can also be found throughout this site.

The IDA can be your first source for information about practicing dentistry in Indiana. Whether you need a referral for a disability insurance carrier, volunteer opportunities, or answers about HIPAA patient privacy compliance, we can point you in the right direction.

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The Midwest Dental Assembly brings in nationally known instructors to provide top-notch continuing education to member dentists.

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IDA presents many social and networking events throughout the year for members in all stages of their dental careers.

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All members are encouraged to practice benevolence through IndianaMoM, local clinics, mission organizations and/or participation in Medicaid.

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Advocacy is a strong emphasis for IDA: protecting the dental profession and the dentist/patient relationship.


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