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The IDA Foundation for Dental Health, Inc. (IFDH) was mobilized in 2002 by the IDA Board of Trustees to assist Indiana dentists in recruiting, educating and retaining allied dental team members. In recent years, the Foundation has expanded its reach by making grants to nonprofit dental clinics in Indiana, the IU School of Dentistry for several of its programs, and other organizations that provide programming and events to promote oral health. Other signature programs supported by the Foundation include:


    • The AIR program (Acceptance, Inclusion and Respect), to help address the lack of diversity in leadership among Indiana dentists.


    • Drinks Destroy Teeth – Educational outreach program to inform the public about the potentially harmful oral health effects of drinking acidic and sugary drinks. Curriculum provided to over 2,000 Indiana school children each year.


    • In 2014, as part of its mission to improve oral health in Indiana, the Board of Directors of the Foundation decided to help launch Indiana Mission of Mercy, and bring it under the umbrella of the Foundation. We are promoting the IndianaMoM event to over 3,000 Indiana dentists, and administering the program and providing staff support for many functions.


Other goals include building and expanding allied dental education programs, developing programs to recruit more quality students and sponsoring seminars to help IDA members retain valuable employees.


The Foundation continues to promote oral health through training and educational opportunities. Your financial support demonstrates your commitment to dentistry by knowing the importance in developing new initiatives to meet the growing needs of the public and your profession. Your donation will help the foundation reach its goal – advancing oral healthcare through education and training of dental team members.


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