Common Questions


The Indiana Dental Association is your authority for oral health. We are eager to answer your questions and dental concerns. Please see a list of our most common questions below, along with answers from our staff.

    1. What should I consider when looking for a dentist?

Like choosing any healthcare professional there are several factors, both personally and professionally, that should influence your choice of a dentist. Professionally, you’ll want to ask about their training, experience and the type(s) of dentistry they can perform.  And of course, you should ask if they are they members of the American Dental Association and Indiana Dental Association. When dentists work in community with other dentists, it’s an indicator they are a professional.

There are many personal factors to consider when choosing a dentist. First is trust. A patient needs to trust his or her dentist, their opinions and professional diagnoses and recommendations (just like any other healthcare provider).  Do you enjoy the “feel” and atmosphere of the practice? How are patients treated? Do you value dentists who maintain the best technology? Each practice can serve patients well, but it is a personal choice. To reach one of our member dentists, use our Find a Dentist tool by clicking here.

    1. Why should I become a member of the IDA?

There are primary reasons for becoming a member of the IDA. The IDA offers Professional Development; Doing Good, and Community for dentists.

Professional Development
The IDA can develop dentists professionally through cutting-edge, nationally recognized continuing education events. Everyday, the ADA/IDA and local dental societies are creating solutions to the challenges facing you and your practice. The savings in time alone, your most valuable commodity, will offset your dues by giving you less office time and more chair time. The Association also continues the savings on products and services by group buying for dentists and dental practices to help you with things insurances down to gloves. Visit our Endorsed Products and Services page by clicking here.
Doing Good
The Indiana Dental Association provides an environment to “do good” in the public sector. At the statehouse, dentists come together to advocate for patient and practice legislation to ensure you have a practice environment for the best oral health. IDA members organize and coordinate various other public health outreach programs, including science fair projects for schools, Give Kids a Smile, Born to Smile, Alternative Spring Break Dental Mission Trips, and Drinks Destroy Teeth.  Membership provides you to contribute back to society as a professional.
William Smith in his 2008 research article, “Where the Winners Meet: Why Happier, More Successful People Gravitate Toward Associations,” outlined that job satisfaction, happiness and income were higher for professionals in association membership. It makes good sense. Dentists are a unique group of professionals that share similar education, lifestyle, work environment and challenges. The power of association is the ability of members to collaborate and cooperate to address the challenges and joys of being a dentist. The IDA provides events, social activities, theIDA Annual Session, and online forums to share solutions and celebrate all things dental.
    1. Whom does the IDA serve?

The IDA serves Indiana’s licensed dentists and their patients. The mission of the IDA is to support dentists, to promote professionalism and to improve oral health.

    1. Where can I receive free or low-cost dental care?

The IDA offers a list of free and/or low-cost dental care providers among our membership. You may find the list by clicking here.

    1. What do I do if I have a dispute with my dentist?

First, you should make sure you have addressed your issue directly with your dentist. Dentists want to leave their patients smiling, and most disputes are a result of miscommunication (or no communication). Start by talking directly with your dentist. If that does not resolve the issue, you can contact the Indiana Dental Association and initiate a “peer review” process for clinical care issues.  This Association program provides other dental professionals to address your issue objectively, with a goal of satisfying all involved. To report a dispute involving your dentist, please read more about our Peer Review process by clicking here.

    1. What continuing education opportunities does the IDA provide?
    2. Dentistry is a lifelong learning profession. Indiana Dentists are required by law to maintain and build upon their knowledge in the dental field by completing 20 hours of continuing education every licensure period. The Indiana Dental Association offers approximately 100 hours of continuing education to its members annually through its Academy of Continuing Education, Annual Session course work and various local society and study club meetings.

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