Indiana AIR – Leadership Development for Dentists


What Is AIR?

Indiana AIR Leadership Program is the award winning leadership development program for Indiana dentists sponsored by the Indiana Dental Association.


About the Program

The Indiana AIR (Acceptance, Inclusion, Respect) program seeks promising leaders, who are members of racial, ethnic, gender and/or sexual orientation groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in leadership, to participate in this educational experience. The mission of Indiana AIR is to cultivate leaders who strive to create a receptive and inclusive dental association in recognition and appreciation of the changing landscape of dentistry. Indiana AIR will provide a diverse group of dentists with education, experience, exposure to opportunity and the confidence to be successful leaders in their practice, their communities and the dental profession.


Who Should Apply?

Indiana AIR seeks promising leaders, who are members that have been traditionally underrepresented in leadership, to participate in this practical educational experience. Ideal candidates demonstrate potential for leadership within their practice, profession or community, but will not have held high-level leadership positions in organized dentistry. Membership in the IDA is not required; however, we ask that candidates be either currently practicing dentistry in the State of Indiana or attending the Indiana University School of Dentistry.


Dentists and dental students interested in the program must complete the application by June 1 in order to be considered for admission for the following year. Applicants will be notified by July 1. A current CV and two letters of reference are required to complete the application process.


Apply Online


What is the Program Format, Expenses?

Six to ten participants will be accepted for the two-year program. Participants will attend leadership training over three sessions at the IDA level for the first year. Topics will include, but are not limited to, effective leadership characteristics, conflict resolution, decision-making, leadership communication, strategic thinking, and leading policy and finances of leadership development. The second year of the program participants develop and complete a group leadership project involving at the dental community. Participants also attend the Midwest Dental Assembly for both years of participation in the program. AIR training provides attendees 27 hours of continuing education credits in areas of leadership and practice management. Program expenses are fully sponsored by the Indiana Dental Association and total over $2,000 per participant.


When Does the Program Meet?

2024-25 Indiana AIR Leadership Training weekends occur in Indianapolis. Dates are September 20-21, 2024; January 24-25, 2025; and April 25-26, 2025.



AIR Application

A current CV and two letters of reference are required in order to apply to the Indiana AIR Program.



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