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The Indiana Dental Association (IDA) is a tripartite organization consisting of the IDA, the American Dental Association (ADA) and your local dental society. When you become a member of IDA, you also become a member of ADA and your local component. For more information on IDA/ADA membership, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions about Membership at the ADA website.

Checklist for Joining


To successfully complete our easy online membership application, you will need the following:

  • Your ADA number, located on your gold ADA card OR
  • The year you graduated dental school


Click Here to access the membership application located at the ADA website. Simply enter your ADA number or your name and the year you graduated dental school. This will start the membership application process for IDA/ADA and your local component.


If you have difficulty during any point of the online membership process, contact Jody Cleary, Director of Membership & Financial Services, at 800-562-5646 or

FAQs for Membership


If you are a dentist in the U.S. or abroad, a U.S. dental student or a U.S. graduate student, you are eligible for membership.


Your membership is actually three memberships in one: National membership in the American Dental Association, State membership in the Indiana Dental Association, and Local membership in your Dental Society Component (based on where you practice/live). This is what we call the Tripartite System. While your exact dues will vary, typical dues look like this:

Membership Average Dues*
American Dental Association $532
Indiana Dental Association $400
Local Component (varies) $100-500
Total** $1032-1432


*Dues rates vary based on your location and based on discounts for new dentists, graduate students, retired or number of active years in practice. For your dues specifics you can log onto the ADA website and start the membership process or contact Jody Cleary at 800-562-5646 or


**Membership dues are paid together as one membership. There are three different payment options (see below).

Do You Offer a Payment Plan?

You have three options for paying your membership dues:

  1. In one lump sum with your credit card each year.
  2. In one lump sum with your credit card with annual auto renew.
  3. In 12 equal monthly payments with your bank account.

We would love to answer any questions and discuss your membership options with you. Please contact IDA Director of Membership Jody Cleary at 800-562-5646 or


You might also want to check out the frequently asked membership questions at the ADA website>>>


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