Staff Directory

The staff at the IDA central office are committed to serving members and advancing oral health in Indiana. If you don’t know which staff member to contact, please visit our Contact page with your question or concern.


• IDA policies and procedures
• Finance and budget
• Administration and staff
• Board of Trustees
• IDA subsidiaries

Doug Bush
IDA Executive Director

• Membership recruitment and retention
• Member benefits and services
• Liaison to Indiana University School of Dentistry
• Liaison to Alliance (AIDA) and component dental societies
• Membership Committee
• New Dentist Committee
• Dental Practice Committee and Subcommittees
• AIR Leadership Program
• MoM Charitable Dental Event

Jay Dziwlik
MBA, CAE, Assistant Executive Director

• State and national legislation regarding dentistry
• Medicaid and other regulatory and health-related agencies
• Regulatory advocacy
• Council on Dental Public Health
• Council on Governmental Affairs
• Indiana Dental Advocacy Network

Ed Popcheff
Director of Governmental Affairs

• Membership dues collection and processing
• Membership information
• Budget management
• Finance Committee
• IDPAC finances
• IDA Insurance finances
• IDA Foundation for Dental Health finances
• IDA Awards Subcommittee

Jody Cleary
Director of Membership & Financial Services

• Council on Annual Session
• Continuing education
• Midwest Dental Assembly exhibitors
• Meetings and special events
• Council on the New Dentist

Heather Smith
Director of Professional Development

• Council on Peer Review
• General insurance management information
• Third party encounter
• Contract analysis
• Direct reimbursement promotion
• Council on Well Being
• IDA Foundation
• Indiana Dental Enterprise Associates (IDEA)

Ed Rosenbaum
Director of Professional Services

• Managing editor for Journal IDA
• Media relations
• Council on Communications
• Website manager
• Brand manager
• IDA social media
• All IDA print and digital materials

Kathy Walden
Director of Communications

• Staff coordinator of the House of Delegates
• Staff coordinator of the Board of Trustees
• Executive staff support
• Office manager

Laurie Campbell
Executive Assistant

• E-Learning Series
• IDA calendars
• Continuing education programs
• Administrative and planning support

Janelle Kramer
Professional Development Assistant

• Contract analysis
• Legal compliance
• ISBD rules and regulations
• Indiana Dental Practices Act
• Contact Dentist program
• Dental law and state legislative activity

Alexandra Sumner
Director of Public Affairs

• Agent for IDA Insurance offered plans
• Primary Contact for IUSD Disability Insurance Plan
• Coordinates IUSD, component, and state events
• Negotiates contracts for customized IDA member benefits
• Staff liaison to IDAIS, Inc., Board of Directors and IDA Committee on Insurance
• Indiana Licensed Life/Health and Property/Casualty agent

Ashley Hudgins
Director of Insurance Services

• Indiana Licensed Health agent
• Health insurance application processing
• Customer service and billing inquiries
• Mailing of information and marketing packets

Wanda Barger
Health Insurance Specialist