Renew Your Membership

Renewing your dues online is quick and easy! Simply follow the steps below:


Single Payment and Auto Renew Payments

  1. Log in to the ADA’s Online Membership Renewal using your ADA number (located on your ADA membership card) and ADA password. Please note: your ADA password is different than your IDA password. If you do not remember your ADA password, contact Jody at IDA and we can reset it: 800-562-5646.
  2. Your ADA, IDA, and Component dues will be displayed. Click the blue NEXT button. Be sure to read the Auto Renew Payment Program Agreement and Authorization Agreement below.
  3. If you wish to automatically renew for a second year, select the Auto Renew option.
  4. Choose your voluntary contributions by clicking the checkbox next to each item. Click the blue NEXT button.


Monthly Payment Option

Our monthly payment option allows members to pay in 12 installments from January to December, with no interest or administrative fee.


Step-by-Step Directions

Need step-by-step directions on how to renew your membership online? Click here.


Call Us for Help

If you have difficulty during any point of online membership renewal, please call Jody Cleary, Director of Membership & Financial Services, at 800-562-5646.



By electing to enroll in the Auto Renew Payment Program, or as a once-per-year automatic payment of membership dues and/or voluntary dues items, I am thereby agreeing to allow an automatic renewal of my membership in future years. This includes the same terms and conditions as detailed above for the Authorization Agreement. In lieu of receiving a dues statement in future years, I understand I will receive an auto-renewal letter providing information on next year’s membership dues rates and/or voluntary items that I have elected to be enrolled in the Auto Renew Payment Program, and how I can change voluntary contributions or stop the auto renew feature. I agree to provide notice of cancellation of the auto renew payment plan for the proceeding membership year by December 15 by contacting IDA at 800-562-5646.

I authorize the Indiana Dental Association, an Indiana non-for-profit corporation, to initiate automated debits to the credit card provided. This authorization includes all adjusting entries, either debit or credit, that may be required.


I agree to pay all such Dues amounts owed and designed by me. If, for any reason, my credit card is revoked, suspended, halted by me or the debit cannot be processed for any other reason, I remain responsible for paying the Dues installment owed directly to IDA on a timely basis. If a debit cannot be processed, IDA and/or ADA is authorized to attempt to initiate the debit again at a later time. If, for any reason, a debit is repeatedly dishonored. IDA and/or ADA is not liable for any losses incurred by reason of any failure in the automated debit process. I am responsible for any fees that may be imposed by bank. If my payment cannot be processed on any two debit dates, IDA and/or ADA may terminate the automated debits by giving me written notice at my address as shown in IDA’s records. My membership shall not be considered in good standing until all past Dues amounts owed are considered current.


I may terminate automated debits by notifying IDA by calling 800-562-5646. The termination will be effective for the following membership year provided the cancellation is received by IDA by December 15 of the current membership year. Following any termination of automated debits by either IDA or me, I will be responsible for paying my remaining and recurring Dues in full, directly to IDA.


No refunds will be provided for canceled memberships. By enrolling in a membership, I understand that a “membership year” spans a calendar year from January through December and not a twelve-month period from the date of enrollment. This authorization shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana, without giving effect to any choice of law rule that would cause the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction to the rights and duties of the parties.

* What does “tripartite” mean? The word “tripartite” means “composed of three parts.” The three parts of ADA membership—through your component (local) dental society, constituent (state, district or territory) dental society, and American Dental Association—complement each other. Each level offers valuable benefits and resources to members. Almost all U.S. dentists are tripartite members and they join and maintain their memberships through their constituent dental society.


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