Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the managing body of the Association, vested with the power to conduct all business of the Association, subject to Indiana law, the Association’s governing documents and the mandates of the House of Delegates. The Board consists of 15 trustees (one from each trustee district), the President-elect and the Vice President as the voting members of the Board, and the President, Treasurer and the Executive Director as ex officio members of the Board, without the right to vote. The Board traditionally meets quarterly.


Each of the following components is represented with one IDA trustee:

  • Indianapolis District Dental Society
  • Northwest Indiana Dental Society
  • North Central Dental Society
  • Western Indiana Dental Society
  • South Central Dental Society
  • First District Dental Society
  • Isaac Knapp District Dental Society
  • Ben Hur Dental Society
  • Eastern Indiana Dental Society
  • Greene District Dental Society
  • Southeastern Indiana Dental Society
  • East Central Dental Society
  • American Student Dental Society-IUSD Chapter


Activities of the Board of Trustees

For activities of the Board, such as powers of the Board, Board roster and Board documents, see the Board of Trustees Business Page.


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