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IDA Specialty Awards Nominations


Do you have individuals in mind who have done an outstanding job promoting, practicing or volunteering for the field of dentistry? Nominate them for an IDA Award! Unless otherwise noted, nominations may be made by a component society and/or an individual, and awards are presented during the IDA Midwest Dental Assembly. All nominations for IDA Specialty Awards are due to the Central Office by March 1 of each year.




Nominations will require up to one cover page describing why the applicant is deserving of the award. Also include a recent curriculum vitae or a separate page listing the nominee’s accomplishments. Submit your nomination online or download the nomination forms below and return to Jody Cleary, IDA Director of Membership, no later than March 1. For more information, please contact Jody Cleary, Director of Membership, at 800-562-5646 or



Award Categories

IDA Dr. Lloyd J. Phillips Distinguished Service Award

Nominee(s) for the Dr. Lloyd J. Phillips Distinguished Service Award are IDA member(s), who tirelessly work to improve the oral health of the less fortunate population by removing the geographic or demographic barriers such as age, race, religion and socioeconomic status. The recipient(s) gives of their time, energy and skills either globally or closer to home, spending hours and personal resources to help fight dental disease.


IDA Special Service Award

The Special Service Award is presented to non-dentists who have made significant contributions to the health profession in general and/or the dental profession in particular.



IDA Charles W. Gish Community Dental Health Award

This award recognizes Indiana citizen(s) who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and involvement leading to significant improvement and/or positive impact in the overall dental health within a given community.



IDA Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is to recognize an IDA member in practice for ten (10) years or less, who demonstrates outstanding leadership ability and initiative. Nominees should possess leadership qualities and promote future accomplishments in the dental profession. Volunteer activities in the community and organized dentistry will be considered.



IDA Leadership Achievement Award

The Leadership Achievement Award was first presented in May 1996 to Dr. Charles E. Hassel, 1995-1996 IDA President, for his leadership and communication skills managed through a difficult transition of IDA Executive Directors. Today we honor Dr. Hassel and the leadership qualities exhibited by highlighting an IDA Member Trustee, Officer and/or 7th District Delegate who has been an ambassador for the continued success and achievement of the IDA.


Nominations may be made by anyone through the IDA Board of Trustees.



IDA Maynard K. Hine Award

The Maynard K. Hine Award was created by the May 1985 House of Delegates. It is limited to individuals who have made contributions to the dental and/or health profession in general on a national and/or international basis. It is not limited to dentists.


Nominations can be made by IDA Board of Trustees members. IDA Awards Committee will select from among the component and individual nominees for this award.


Component Society Honor Dentist

This award is selected by each component society for an outstanding member in their component.


Because these awards are a very special honor, it is important that each component give considerable thought to this matter. The IDA Awards Committee needs your assistance and cooperation in selecting nominees for award recipients.



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    IDA also accepts nominations by email. Click here to download an Awards Nominations form. Nominations must be returned to the IDA Central Office no later than March 1 of each year.




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