Peer Review

Occasionally dentists and their patients are in disagreement over the quality of care. IDA’s Peer Review is a mediation program that reviews these disputes and proposes a solution that is satisfactory to both parties. A mediation-trained dentist works with the involved parties and makes every attempt to help both the patient and the dentist reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. If mediation is not successful, the case proceeds to a committee hearing where a panel of dentists reviews findings and recommendations for a resolution. This process is non-binding and voluntary and is allowed by Indiana state law. A majority of our Peer Review cases are resolved amicably for both parties.


IDA operates the Peer Review program as a public service for Indiana residents.


Please note that Peer Review is available for disputes regarding dental care only. The committee does not review cases related to appropriateness of fees, insurance issues, billing disputes, staff issues or office policies.


For information about Peer Review, Contact Director of Professional Services Ed Rosenbaum. Patients who wish to learn more about Peer Review or file a Peer Review request can visit our patient File a Complaint page.


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