Governmental Affairs Committee

Charged with making the IDA the state’s most influential voice on oral health public policy issues.

The Governmental Affairs Committee focuses on monitoring and providing recommendations to the Board on state legislative and administration issues. The Committee also conducts the annual Dental Day at the Capitol and oversees the Contact Dentist program.


Activities of the committee include but are not limited to:


  • Serve as the Association’s liaison to the ADA in matters of national legislation and regulation that affect dental public health and the dental profession.
  • Monitor state and federal legislative and regulatory agencies that affect dental public health and the dental profession.
  • Facilitate communication to and from component dental societies and the membership at large regarding Indiana legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Assist the Board of Trustees by recommending legislative and regulatory positions.
  • Encourage grassroots dentist involvement in the legislative process through oversight of such programs as the Contact Dentist Program and Dental Day at the Capitol and encourage participation at the ADA Leadership Conference.
  • Serve as a resource to the House of Delegates, Board of Trustees, other IDA councils and committees, component dental societies, state dental specialty organizations, or other allied dental organizations, that wish to consider legislative or regulatory proposals.
Staff liaison: Shane Springer
Chair: Dr. Steve Holm
Meetings per year: 3-4 meetings per year (most meetings via web conference)
Time per meeting: 1-2 hours per meeting

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