New Dentist Subcommittee

Engaging younger dentists in leadership
The New Dentist Subcommittee will support the Membership Committee’s efforts, with special focus on the needs and interests of dentists who are in their first 10 years of practice. The Subcommittee will assist in engaging younger dentists in leadership and is responsible for choosing the New Dentist Trustee and the New Dentist representative on the IDA delegation to the ADA House. Activities of the subcommittee include, but are not limited to:


  • Providing new members (recent graduates) with a formal means to communicate and have direct input to IDA leadership regarding their special needs and concerns,
  • Identifying and expanding opportunities for leadership service by the new dentists,
  • Assisting with recruitment and retention of new members by emphasizing the value of membership and services provided.
Staff liaison: Jay Dziwlik
Chair: Dr. Amanda Miller
Meetings per year: 2 meetings per year (via web conference)
Time per meeting: 1-2 hours per meeting

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