House of Delegates

The House of Delegates (the House), as the legislative and governing body, is the supreme authority in the Indiana Dental Association. As such, it speaks for the more than 2,800 members of the Association and for the dental profession in Indiana. The House meets once a year, during the Association’s Annual Session held each Spring. The officers of the House are the Speaker and the Secretary. The Executive Director of the Association serves as Secretary of the House of Delegates. Business sessions of this Association shall be conducted by the House of Delegates as provided in the Bylaws. (See below for additional duties and powers of the House.)


Composition of the House

  • The Elective Officers, the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Association shall serve as officers of the House of Delegates and perform the usual duties of their respective offices.
  • The House of Delegates shall be composed of the officially-certified delegates from each component society.
  • The members of the Board of Trustees and Past Presidents of this Association shall serve in an advisory capacity to the House of Delegates.


Staff Liaison: Andrea New
Chair: Dr. Jenny Neese, Speaker of the House
Vice Chair: Dr. Joseph Platt, Vice Speaker of the House
Meetings per year: 2 meetings per year
Time per meeting: Thursday and Saturday of Midwest Dental Assembly


Powers and Duties of the House of Delegates

The powers and duties of the House of Delegates in laid out in the Bylaws of the Indiana Dental Association:


The House of Delegates shall:

(A)  be the supreme governing and policy-making body of this Association;

(B)  possess the legislative powers of the Association;

(C)  determine the policies which shall govern this Association in all its activities;

(D)  have the power to enact and amend the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association;

(E)  have the power to adopt and amend the Principles of Ethics for governing professional conduct of members of this Association;

(F)  have the power to grant, amend or revoke charters of component societies;

(G)  have the power to elect Honorary members of this Association;

(H)  have the power to create special committees of this Association;

(I)   have the power to approve all memorials, resolutions or opinions in the name of the Association;

(J)   have the power, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of its membership, to levy an assessment upon the members of this Association, pending a 60-day notification to membership by letter to component presidents.



It shall be the duty of the House of Delegates to:

(A)  elect the elective officers;

(B)  elect members of the delegation to the ADA House of Delegates as described elsewhere in these Bylaws except the student delegate shall not vote;

(C)  select a nominee to be submitted to Indiana’s ADA Delegates and presented to the ADA 7th District Caucus when a vacancy exists, or is about to exist in the office of 7th District Trustee to the ADA. Such nominations shall not be in conflict with Chapter VII of the ADA Bylaws and its appropriate sub-sections.

(D) adopt the annual budget.

(E) conduct an annual review of policies that have been in existence for four years. If no action is taken to extend or amend the policies, they will automatically sunset at the close of the following year’s House of Delegates.


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