IDEA Board

The primary purpose of the Indiana Dental Enterprises Associates, Inc. (IDEA) is the generation of non-dues revenue for the Indiana Dental Association. Marketing: The products and services of the Corporation may be marketed in all Association communications media and in the media of other dental organizations where appropriate. Direct competition with Midwest Dental Assembly exhibitors and Journal IDA advertisers should be avoided. Quality: Only products and services of the highest quality will be offered to members. IDEA Board of Directors will conduct a thorough, systematic review before programs are approved and periodic ongoing assessments for each product or service. Profitability: A product or service must demonstrate both profit and/or significant membership benefits to be continued to be offered by the Corporation. Programs that offer exceptional membership benefits but marginal profitability will be regularly reviewed.


Staff Liaison: Ed Rosenbaum
President: Dr. Thomas Murray
Secretary: Doug Bush
Number of Meetings per Year: 4 meetings per year
Approximate Time per Meeting: 2 hours per meeting


IDEA Board Members


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