Indiana Dental Political Action Committee

The purpose of the Committee is and shall be to promote good government, the interests of the dental profession and dental health within the State of Indiana by raising funds for and contributing funds on a bipartisan basis to:


  • Indiana state political committees
  • Indiana state political parties and candidates for Indiana state offices, including the offices of senator or representative in the Indiana General Assembly
  • Candidates for federal office and federal political committees, including party committees and principal campaign committees, single candidate committees and multicandidate committees


To further these objectives, contributions may be solicited and received by the Committee from members of the Indiana dental community and others desiring to promote good government. The Committee is not and shall not be affiliated with any political party.


Membership in the Committee shall be open to all persons who are members of the Indiana Dental Association and the Alliance of the Indiana Dental Association. All members must be contributors to the Committee. Each member shall be in good standing for the entire calendar year for which a contribution to the Committee is made by the member.


Staff Liaison: Shane Springer
Chair: Dr. Timothy Treat
Treasurer: Dr. David Walden
Meetings per Year:
Time per Meeting:


IDPAC Members


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