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Membership does have its privileges. Did you know it also has its responsibilities?  It is the desire of the association that every member would experience the value of membership first hand but also contribute to that valuable membership. IDA members need one another. Each member has skills, gifts and passions — that is the strength of the Association. Let us know what interests you in the list below and we can help you find the right place for you.

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My interests include: I enjoy CE, choosing good speakers and planning social events (Council on Annual Session)I have a passion for high ethics, teaching, and learning from other dentists and students (Council on Dental Education and Practice)I enjoy interacting with other dentists and would like suggesting new ways to serve members better (Council on Membership).I am interested in helping the underserved and improving public oral health in the state (Council on Dental Public Health).I love politics and knowing the inside scoop on legislation. I am interested in getting to know lawmakers (Council on Governmental Affairs).I'm a new dentist (<10 yrs) and would like to help other dentists transition and grow their practice (Council on the New Dentist).I have an opinion on dental topics, and I like to write and let others know what I am thinking (Council on Communications).I am interested in third party payer agreements with insurance carriers and governmental programs (Council on Dental Benefits).I like helping dentists in trouble with quality of care or in practice crisis (Council on Peer Review).I do not know what I want to do, but I want to help.