Dental Day 2019

When is the Next Dental Day?

A date for the 2020 Dental Day at the Capitol has not yet been set, but we will advise our audiences as soon as the date is set.


What is IDA Dental Day at the Capitol?

Dental Day at the Capitol 2019
Dentists and IU School of Dentistry students gather at the Indiana Statehouse to discuss dental advocacy issues.

The mission of our annual Dental Day is to share the legislative process with you and your fellow IDA members, help you build relationships with your legislators, and build the dental profession’s political impact at the Statehouse.


Why is Dental Day Important?

Every session, members of the Indiana Legislature make decisions that affect your patients, your practice, and your profession. Meeting these legislators face-to-face, introducing yourself to their staff members, and sharing information on what matters to dentistry is the most effective way for you to have an impact on the political process and advocate for Hoosier oral health.


You may not realize it, but your legislators actually want to hear from you. Your representatives can’t know all the details about every issue. They rely on your professional expertise to provide information regarding the impact that bills and legislation might have.


Former State Representative Randy Truitt explains:


What Can I Expect From Dental Day?

For the second year in a row, the 2019 Dental Day event combined dentists in attendance with third-year IUSD students. For many of these students, this will be their first introduction to the Indiana Statehouse and the legislative process. We envision continuing this format in future years, so it’s important that we have strong participation from IDA member dentists!

Dental Day begins with a light breakfast and introductory meeting at the ISTA building.

The day includes:

  • Light breakfast (bagels and coffee) (meet at the ISTA building)
  • Introductory/information meeting to discuss:
    • IDA’s legislative issues for the new session
    • IDA’s Contact Dentist program
  • Head over together to the Statehouse where you will meet with your legislator(s)
  • Lunch and debriefing (optional)

How Can I Prepare for Dental Day?

REGISTER! There is no cost to attend, however, appointments with legislators will be made in advance, so preregistration is mandatory. IDA members will be grouped with IUSD students for these informal meetings with legislators.

Learn about your legislators. Do your homework. Find the names of your legislators here. Be sure to search for your legislator by using your home address, not your practice address. Legislators are most interested in talking to their own constituents.