Best Card Credit Card Processing

Endorsed by 45 state dental associations, including IDA, Best Card offers great rates and unparalleled personalized customer service for credit card processing. Thousands of dentists save an average of $6,496 or 27% annually on payment processing when they sign up with Best Card.


IDA members can submit their most recent credit card processing statement for a no-obligation analysis to see what Best Card could help save. Simply upload your statement to, email to or send via fax 866-717-7247 to request a cost comparison today.


Best card is a spinoff company from the Colorado Dental Association and has a deep understanding of the dental profession.  Over 60 IDA offices including the IDA Central Office are using its credit card processing services generating over $15,000 a year in non-dues revenue.  Please consider partnering with this outstanding company.


Credit Card Processing for your Practice

Best Card has been providing practices with relief from the fees associated with processing credit cards since 2008 and is now endorsed by more than 40 dental associations nationwide:


  • Dental practices save an average of 3,256 annually / 24 percent on fees
  • Contactless options for protection of staff and patients
  • Online processing allows you to set-up recurring payments, take payments at your website and more
  • Automated posting of payments to popular dental software available
  • Next-day funding if your batch is closed by 6 p.m. central time.
  • U.S. based customer service – you get people, not prompts!


IDA member benefit: $100 off new equipment if needed. Members can submit their most recent credit card processing statement to get a no-obligation analysis from Best Card on how much they might be able to save by switching to Best Card. Email or fax to 866-717-7247. Receive a $5 Amazon gift card just for checking.


Call Best Card at 877-739-3952 or visit to learn more.




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