E-Prescribing FAQs

What is the Law?

Dentists have a December 31, 2020, deadline for complying with new Indiana INSPECT E-Prescribing Requirement for Controlled Substances. The new regulations are part of Senate Bill 176 and the ongoing efforts of the state to fight the opioid epidemic. The bill passed in the 2019 Legislative Session and requires health care providers, including dentists, to issue prescriptions for controlled substances in an electronic format starting January 1, 2022.

How Does My Office Comply?

Any dental offices that prescribe controlled substances and scheduled drugs are required to hold a current Indiana Controlled Substance Registration and a Federal DEA license. It is important to remember these requirements are only for controlled substances/scheduled drugs. Prescriptions such as antibiotics, washes and other medications that are not controlled substances are not subject to the electronic prescription requirement.

Do I Still Have to Work With INSPECT?

Yes. Dentists are also required to register with Indiana INSPECT, the Indiana Board of Pharmacy Prescription Monitoring Program. When you determine a need for a controlled substances prescription, you must check Indiana INSPECT and review the patient’s prescribing history and before issuing the e-script electronically directly to the pharmacy.

Can I Still Write a Paper Prescription for Controlled Substances?

No. Paper prescription pads and written scripts given to patients for controlled substances will not be allowed after December 31, 2020. This applies to all patients, including those who are Medicaid participants.

How Do I Get Started on Electronic Prescribing?

The first step is to choose a vendor that provides electronic prescription software programs. There are multiple companies that offer this service to medical and dental offices. Some of these programs interface directly with INSPECT, while others do not. All have a monthly cost that ranges from $10-90 per month.

What Other Options Are Available to Me?

Both Dentrix and Eaglesoft have a optional electronic prescribing function for a monthly subscription fee ($50-$90 per month). If you already have one of these systems, you may wish to contact the vendor to inquire about costs and add-ons for e-prescribing.

What If The Cost of Software is Too Much for My Office?

The State of Indiana is offering special funding for electronic prescriptions using four participating vendor options. Offices that currently DO NOT have an existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and/or existing e-prescribing functionality may apply for reimbursement funding. However, be aware that the application process is complicated and involved.

Where can I learn more?

DrFirst offered an introductory webinar to educate members on the law and how to comply. Click the button below to view the webinar.


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