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IDA Center for Excellence w/ Dr. Jane Soxman

Join us for IDA’s 2020 featured Scientific Session! This live virtual interactive session will now include three topics throughout the day for the same low price!

Becoming the Pediatric Alpha Pup (8:30-11am) Treating the challenging child today requires a new approach for behavior guidance. Adverse techniques are no longer acceptable. Permissive parenting along with parents who defend, deny or attempt to direct treatment, bring a new dimension to treatment capabilities. Developmental stages, the multiple factors that influence a child’s behavior and recommendations for intervention are discussed. Methods to engage and involve parents and ultimately bring them to “our side” are presented. Potential problems are identified with specific recommendations that can result in more successful and less stressful visits for all. Lecture Objectives: • Describe developmental stages for age-appropriate expectations for behavior • Learn the various circumstances/influences that effect a child’s behavior • Provide information for parents regarding limitations due to behavior and treatment objectives • Determine the pros and cons of parental presence for treatment.

Clinical Techniques in Pediatrics (11:30am-2pm) Various non-invasive treatment modalities for the primary dentition, vital pulp therapy and full coverage stainless steel and esthetic crowns for primary molars are presented. Local anesthesia and extraction for primary dentition are also included. A review of the dental literature with evidence-based recommendations, and over 36 years of private practice experience, will provide you with methods to decrease chair time and heightened confidence when treating your pediatric patients. Lecture Objectives: • Learn indications and technique for Interim Therapeutic Restoration, Silver Diamine Fluoride and Hall Technique • Perform vital pulp therapy in primary molars with appropriate indications and medicaments and full coverage restorations for primary molars • Insure optimal clinical skills for administering local anesthesia to the pediatric patient • Improve extraction technique for primary teeth.

BONUS CONTENT! Oral Pathology Plus (2:30-5pm) More course content coming soon.


Nov 06 2020


8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Continuing Education




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