Dental Prescription Reference Guide


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This dental specific prescription guide is great for every operatory in your practice providing guidance at your fingertips for viral/ bacterial infections, pain management; anxiety/sedation, etc. prescriptions. A great gift to thank referring doctors.



The IDA Council on Dental Education and Practice has published this prescription reference guide as an aid in prescribing medications for the treatment of dental patients. The guide has been reviewed by experienced dentists and pharmacists and is intended to provide a convenient reminder to dentists on basic prescribing information for medications commonly used in dental practices. The guide is not intended to replace the dentist’s professional judgment. The appropriateness of any prescription should be based on an evaluation of the patient’s current medical condition and health history, and consideration of potential contraindications including allergic reactions or interactions with other prescribed or over-the-counter medications.

If questions arise regarding the information contained in the guide the dentist should review the drug’s FDA approved labeling, contact the drug’s manufacturer, and/or consult with the patient’s physician(s).

This guide is intended for use by licensed dentists and should not be used by laypersons. The IDA, its staff and volunteers disclaim any liability for errors or omissions contained in the guide, or for any use of any of the products listed in the guide.

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