Phone & Video Interpretation


Section 1557 Compliance with CyraCom

CyraCom provides phone and video interpretation, enabling dentists to communicate with their non-English-speaking patients in seconds. CyraCom services are fully compliant with Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.

CyraCom supports hundreds of languages, including ASL. Interpreters in CyraCom’s large-scale US contact centers complete a 120-hour certification course and specialize in healthcare interpreting.

CyraCom provides dental offices:

  • Easy online sign-up with no startup costs or minimum fees
  • Compliance with Section 1557 language service requirements
  • Access to certified interpreters in hundreds of languages through phones, laptops, or even an interpretation app

IDA members receive preferred pricing off of interpretation services. There’s also no minimums and no set-up fees!

Questions: 844-737-0781

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Ready to Get Started?

  • Experience Nearly 70% Savings
  • Exclusively discounted prices for ADA Members
  • No minimums or startup fees
  • Usage billed monthly on a per-minute basis

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Compliant with Section 1557 of the ACA

Access interpreters through phones, laptops, or through CyraCom’s Interpretation App.

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Certified Interpreters

Interpreters in CyraCom’s large-scale US contract centers complete a 120-hour certification course, learning medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, and other topics essential for healthcare interpreting.

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Want to See How it Works?

Does choosing the right language service provider make a difference? We think so. Check out this video to learn what makes CyraCom different – and why it matters.


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