Solmetex Amalgam Separator

Solmetex Amalgam Separator NXT HG5Indiana Dental Enterprise Associates (IDEA) endorses a quality, easily installed and easily maintained product—the Hg5 by Solmetex. The Solmetex Amalgam Separator addresses all of the Federal regulations and provides the highest level of benefits for IDA dentists. IDEA chose to endorse this product for several reasons:


  • Ability to directly view the “trap” in which the filter is housed
  • Ease and cost of installation
  • Ease in disposal of wastes
  • Frequency of disposal
  • Cost of the amalgam separator
  • Cost of disposal of wastes
  • Ease of maintenance of the separator
  • Safety in handling
  • Tracking records


Solmetex NXT Hg5 1 Amalgam bucketFREE Collection Container and Recycle Kit

If you act early, you can get a free NXT Hg5 Collection Container with Recycle Kit with your purchase of a Solmetex NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator. This is a retail value of $338. Check out the Solmetex website for more details.


For more information regarding Solmetex, or to take advantage of this  limited time offer, visit the Solmetex website.



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