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CoreMMIS Delayed – Open Letter from Joe Moser

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dear Medicaid Provider Community:

 We are temporarily delaying the December 5 deployment of CoreMMIS to allow additional time for readiness testing. Transitional activities that had been underway are now suspended. Implementation and triage plans are on hold.

 Because of this temporary delay, the processing of provider enrollments, which had been suspended, will resume.  Paper and electronic claims processing will also recommence. Prior Authorization and the Right Choices program will not be suspended according to the originally communicated implementation schedule. However, brief suspensions in these functions will be necessary as a new implementation date approaches. Look for further communication soon about the new implementation date and activity suspension dates.

 Providers should continue to register for the portal and make preparations for the transition including training activities to learn how to use the new Portal and its features.

 CoreMMIS and the Provider Healthcare Portal represent significant enhancements to the Indiana Medicaid program. Once deployed, Indiana will boast one of the most modern, most effective and most accurate systems in the nation, and we remain 100 percent committed to a successful implementation.

 If you have additional questions, email or contact the provider relations field consultant for your area.

 Thank you for serving the members of Indiana Medicaid. We appreciate the efforts you and your colleagues have made to prepare for the new system and will continue to make during this brief delay.


Joe Moser
Medicaid Director
State of Indiana


Open Letter from Joe Moser

Friday, November 11, 2016

Dear Medicaid Provider Community,

I am writing to update you on the upcoming implementation of the new processing system for Indiana Medicaid, “CoreMMIS,” which stands for Core Medicaid Management Information System. We are just under one month from the implementation date of December 5, when CoreMMIS will replace Indiana Medicaid’s longtime processing system, IndianaAIM.

CoreMMIS will be a modernized system that will provide us greater accuracy and efficiency in processing claims for services that align with coverage policies and national billing guidelines. It will also deliver a new provider interface called the Provider Healthcare Portal. This new portal will afford your teams greater functionality with capabilities like online provider enrollment and the ability to upload supporting documents for electronic claim and prior authorization submissions.  The new system will be more responsive to provider needs and can accommodate changes in policy faster and more accurately.  We believe this system will improve the provider experience and make doing business with Indiana Medicaid easier.

Here at Indiana Medicaid, our team has been working for many months in preparation for this upcoming implementation and we have full confidence that, along with our network providers, our state Medicaid system will be ready to serve our 1.4 million members better through this enhanced technology. As with any system transition, we know there will be some hiccups in the early days, but we are prepared to help.

  • Our communications and provider relations initiatives are in full swing. A website dedicated to the transition is active and being updated continuously.
  • From the above site, your authorized representatives and delegates can access the new Portal to register as required to use the system. I encourage you and your appropriate staff to register on the portal now.  This will ensure you are prepared to continue using online functionality on December 5 and thereafter.
  • You can find a repository of the provider bulletins that have been issued related to the CoreMMIS transition.

As we approach December 5, and at any time after the implementation, we want to hear from you.  If you are encountering any difficulty or hearing any concerns, please be sure to direct them to us. We have set up a special mailbox to receive concerns after go-live that you can contact at Before then, you can send your general questions to or to the provider relations field consultant for your area. Please also feel free to share this letter with others in your workplace or network that are likely to be affected by the transition to CoreMMIS. We look forward to partnering with our provider community to make this a successful transition. 


Joe Moser
Medicaid Director
State of Indiana

CoreMMIS Bulletins 


Plan for Temporary Suspension of IHCP Payments 

On December 5, 2016, the Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) will replace its current information management system, IndianaAIM, with the new CoreMMIS.

The new system will be operational as of 6 a.m. on Monday, December 5, 2016. To ensure a successful transition to the new system, the IHCP will temporarily suspend business transactions in the current system in the days and hours before implementation.

IHCP Bulletin BT201662 outlines details regarding the time frames established for the types of transactions affected. Every effort has been made to keep disruptions of normal business activities to a minimum. Medicaid providers are advised to review the transition schedule carefully and begin making internal preparations to accommodate these down-times.

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