4 Years to 12 Years: Born to Smile

4 Years to 12 Years

Parents and caregivers are responsible for setting good examples for their children, which is why its important for you to maintain healthy eating and hygiene habits. Help your child learn to brush his or her teeth.

  • Continue to help young children brush and floss their teeth until they are at least in the 2nd or 3rd grade. Proper brushing requires motor skills young children have not yet developed.
  • Serve sugar-free snacks whenever possible. Avoid sports drinks, sodas and juices that contain high amounts of sugar.
  • Set a good example. Allow children to watch you brush and demonstrate proper brushing habits.
  • If the child participates in sports, a mouth guard is essential. Your dentist can tailor a mouth guard to fit your child.
  • Be sure to continue routine visits to the child’s dental home.

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