Choosing a Dentist

How do you choose the right dentist?

Choosing a dental home is one of the most important health care decisions a person can make. Oral health is not limited to the mouth; it affects the entire body. Building a relationship with a licensed dentist is a key to long-term health. You may easily search for a Indiana dentist using our “Find a Dentist” directory (click here), a resource that will help you find a licensed dentist in your community.

Make sure to look for the following when choosing your dentist:

  1. Ask to see the dentist’s license. Dentists in the state of Indiana are required by law to display their dental license. This certificate represents that the dentist has received proper education and training to provide the highest quality of dental care to his or her patients. (Click here to download a brochure with an example of what a dental license looks like.)
  2. Make sure your dentist wears gloves, mask and goggles. When you receive any dental treatment, licensed dentists are required to take special precautions to ensure your safety and health. If your dentist does not wear gloves, a mask, and goggles during a dental procedure, you are not receiving proper care.
  3. Your examination should include radiographs and a review of your medical and dental history. Your dental health is directly connected to your overall health. When a dentist has the full picture of your physical and dental health, he or she can provide you with the best treatment options. Also, radiographs provide the dentist with detailed images of your teeth, which help him or her know how to better care for your oral health. (Click here to download a brochure with an example of what dental radiographs look like.)
When in doubt, call the Indiana Dental Association at 317.634.2610. We will direct you to a qualified dentist in your area.



















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