2018 Midterm Election Update

2018 Midterm Election Update

Republicans were big 2018 midterm election winners in Indiana. Not only did Republican Mike Braun win by a better than expected margin in his U.S. Senate race, Republicans also maintained their supermajority in the state legislature, and swept all statewide offices. Indiana’s U.S. House delegation remains seven Republicans and two Democrats, but welcomes two new members, representatives-elect Greg Pence of Columbus and Jim Baird of Greencastle, who replace retiring members Todd Rokita and Luke Messer respectively.

Representative Denny Zent won reelection to his third term in the Indiana Legislature by an over 75% margin. Overall, there are 67 House Republicans and 33 House Democrats. Notable changes are the loss of Hal Slager of Schererville from the House Public Health Committee who was replaced by Chris Chyung, the first Asian-American elected to the Indiana General Assembly.

In the Senate, Mike Delph was defeated by Democrat JD Ford, who is the first openly gay state senator in Indiana. Despite this seat change, Indiana Senate Republicans maintain a 40-10 majority. Leadership in the House has changed. Senate Republicans formally elected state Sen. Rod Bray of Martinsville as the President Pro Temp in their first caucus following the election.

Contact Dentists Needed

Election results are formally certified this week. If you know a newly elected member of our Indiana General Assembly, please consider becoming a contact dentist. We need you to be the voice of your profession at the Statehouse and in Congress.

If you have any additional questions or would like to get more involved in IDA advocacy, email Ed Popcheff at ed@indental.org for information on getting started.

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