2020 Legislative Updates, Week 2

2020 Legislative Updates, Week 2

HB 1067: Dental Hygienists, Nitrous Oxide, Prescriptive Supervision
The IDA had its first “win” this week when Representative Dr. Zent’s HB 1067 passed out of the House unanimously on Tuesday. The bill will now make its way through the Senate during the second half of session. This dental hygienist “cleanup” bill clarifies under what circumstances hygienists and assistants can administer nitrous oxide, restates restrictions on use of a laser by a dental hygienist, and provides that a dental hygienist may administer topical local dental anesthetics, other than nitrous oxide or similar analgesics, without supervision. We will continue to update you on the status of this IDA-sponsored bill as it moves through the Senate.


HB 1110: Health Workforce Student Loan Repayment Program
Representative Ethan Manning’s (R-Peru) HB 1110 would create (1) the health workforce student loan repayment program, (2) the health workforce council, and (3) the health workforce student loan repayment program fund. This initiative would be funded by increased license fees—as determined by each licensure period—and sets forth strict eligibility requirements for members of the healthcare profession. The professional licensing agency would be charged with administering the program, and the bill would simultaneously repeal the primary care physician loan forgiveness program, the mental health services development program, and the dental underserved area and minority recruitment program.

To reach out and encourage your representative to hear this bill, click here.


SB 1, HB 1006 and Others: Tobacco/Vaping/E-liquids
This week featured small victories against “Big Tobacco.” In an 11-0 vote, members of the Senate Health and Provider Services Committee endorsed SB 1; one of the many tobacco, vaping, and e-liquid initiatives introduced this session. Both the House and Senate tobacco bills have three main objectives: raising the legal age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21, tripling the monetary penalties for retailers selling people who are underage, and possibly revoking a tobacco license from repeat retail offenders. Both the House and Senate Bills have passed through committee, but have yet to be voted to the secondary house by a voice vote.

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