2021 Legislative Update-Week 8

2021 Legislative Update-Week 8

The Indiana General Assembly has officially reached the “halftime” mark. At this point, all bills passed out of the House will head to the Senate, and all bills passed out of the Senate will head to the House. Then, the process starts all over again! Any bills that have failed to pass out of their respective chamber are now considered “dead.”

HB 1079: Definition of Dentistry, Immunizations, Virtual Claim Payments
HB1079 passed out of House committee unanimously (13-0), and passed overwhelmingly out of the full House (96-2). Senators Ed Charbonneau, Liz Brown and Ron Grooms will be sponsoring the bill in the Senate. We anticipate a committee hearing in early March. Please watch for a “Legislative Alert” letting you know when it is time to contact your senator asking for a YES vote on the bill.

SB3: Telehealth Matters

SB 3, related to various telehealth matters, passed out of the Senate and has been referred to the House for further consideration. SB 3 would permanently codify many of the expansions in telehealth implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure all Hoosiers have access to the health care they need regardless of where they live.

The bill would also expand the application of the telehealth statute currently in place to include more licensed practitioners and specify the various activities that would qualify as health care services under telehealth law.

Other Bill Tracking

Here is a status update on other legislation we’ve been tracking:

DEAD Bills:
SB330 – Dental Therapist; pulled at the request of the IDA
SB74 – Workplace Immunization Prohibition; failed to advance out of committee
HB1021 – Health Workforce Student Loan Repayment Program; failed to receive a hearing in committee
HB1048 – Practitioner Identification and Advertising; failed to receive a hearing in committee
HB1408 – Occupational Licensure Reciprocity; failed to receive a hearing in committee

Senate Enrolled Act 1 – Civil Immunity Related to COVID-19; signed into law on 2/18
SB3 – Telehealth Matters; referred to House Public Health Committee
HB1002 – Civil Immunity Related to COVID-19; referred to Senate Judiciary
HB1286 – Telehealth Matters; referred to the Senate Health & Provider Services Committee.


Get Involved

Always your eyes and ears at the statehouse, the IDA will always advocate on behalf of dentistry in Indiana.

If you are not already a Contact Dentist, we can use your help, especially if you have an existing relationship with your legislator, or are willing to establish one.

If you have questions or concerns, contact IDA Director of Government Affairs Shane Springer at the email link below or by phone at 317-634-2610.


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