2023 Ethics and Opioids CE Now Available

2023 Ethics and Opioids CE Now Available

The IDA’s 2023 Ethics and Opioids self-study publications are now available online. A combined publication on both topics is being mailed to all IDA members. We are happy to mail print copies to hygienists and non-member dentists upon request, subject to availability.

Both publications and the related quizzes fulfill the Indiana state CE requirements for the 2024 license renewal. The opioid CE also applies toward the 8-hour MATE Act requirement for DEA registration renewals.

Both publications have an online quiz. The cost to take each quiz is:

  • $30 for IDA member dentists
  • $50 for hygienists (ethics only)
  • $200 for non-member dentists


Click here to purchase the online publication and/or quiz for each topic.



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