Updating Your Profile

How to Update Your IDA Member Profile

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To update your profile, log into the site and click My Profile in your personal user menu. Once inside your profile, click the Edit Profile link to open the edit screen. Click on any field that you would like to update, and enter your current information. The information that appears in your profile is the same information that appears in the Online Member Directory, which is accessible to IDA Members Only. You do have the option to exclude certain information from the Member Directory. Just click the Hide from Public box under any field that you do not want displayed to other members.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Profile when you are satisfied with the changes you’ve made.

Keep in mind, some fields are mandatory and cannot be changed. If you notice a discrepancy and you are unable to update the field, contact the IDA central office at 800-562-5646.


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