Uploading Your Profile Picture

How to Upload Your Picture to Your IDA Member Profile

You can add your photo to your profile rather easily through your desktop or mobile device:


  1. If you aren’t already on your profile screen, click My Profile under your personal user menu (make sure you’re logged in first). You’ll also want to verify that your desk top computer or mobile device has a digital image of you stored somewhere. The image must be in JPEG, PNG or GIF format and can be larger than 20mb.
  2. To add a photo to your profile, or to update the current photo, click Update Image.
  3. Click the Chose File button, scroll to the image you’d like to use, and click the Upload Image button.
  4. Once the image is loaded, use the Crop Tool to edit the image to the perfect size. You can drag the corners of the crop tool to resize, and move the marker around to reposition.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with your image, click Crop Image, then click Save Image to save the newly cropped image to the website server. (The Save Image step is dependent on your browser setup. You may only need to use Crop Image and the image will save automatically.) Following these steps will not make any changes to the original image on your computer.
  6. Once your image is uploaded, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Profile.

If you would like assistance adding an image to your IDA member profile, contact the IDA Central Office at 800-562-5646.


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