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Do More Providers Mean More Care?

Action for Dental Health Washington, D.C., June 24, 2013 – As attention to the dental crisis in America increases, a “shortage of dentists” is frequently cited as a major barrier to access to care for underserved populations.   Proponents of this view further state that retirement among Baby Boomer dentists will worsen the problem.  This then […]

Opinion: What’s Your Legacy?

By Michael D. Rader, DDS Contributing Author Grandchildren are one of the great pleasures of reaching senior status. I particularly love to arrive at my daughter’s house early, quietly steal into my two grandsons’ bedroom and watch them awake. There are no adequate words to describe the scene of a grandchild as he slowly wakes […]

Opinion: How’s Your Service?

By MICHAEL D. RADER Associate Editor, Indiana Dentist I recently moved to Michigan and made the dreaded trek to the local license branch to apply for a new driver’s license. After a 45-minute wait I made it to the head of the queue, only to recognize an ominous sign: Cheri, the license bureau employee who […]