CE Audits Continue

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CE Audits Continue

The Dental Audits are Back On

Last week the Indiana Dental Association received calls from concerned members about an Indiana State Board of Dentistry (ISBD) second notice of CE audit for their 2014-2016 dental and hygiene license renewal. This was confusing since the first notice was sent in fall of 2016, two years ago.

One of the main activities the IDA does for members is monitoring regulations and regulators. Upon hearing from our members, we contacted the ISBD, the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency and IDA members who were being audited to gather information on this reopened audit process.

IDA learned that, due to increased staffing levels at the ISBD, the previously closed audit process for the 2014-2016 licensing period was reopened. A total of 685 dentists and hygienists were audited for the license period.

The second notices were sent to 85 Dentists and 56 Hygienists for them to respond to the ISBD by October 1 to provide proof of continuing education.

The ISBD’s next step is to mail certified letters to those who do not respond to the second notice. If no response if received by the board of dentistry, they will take action at the December 2018 board meeting.

If you received an email or letter it is imperative that you respond.

[su_note note_color=”#ffbc66″]This is a great reminder to all licensed dental professionals to keep your records for the required three years from the end of the licensing period. For instance, CE records for the licensing period ending 2016 must be retained until March 2019. CE records for the current licensing period, which ends March 2018, must be retained until March 2021.[/su_note]

The Indiana Dental Practice Act clearly states it is the individual licensee’s responsibility to maintain CE records for three years.

Please note that these audits are being conducted by the ISBD, not the IDA. We are simply relaying the background information regarding why some dentists and hygienists are receiving notices and the urgency for a prompt response to the ISBD.

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