Contact Dentists Being Sought

Contact Dentists Being Sought

Dr. Bill Risk (right), shown here with then Representative Randy Truitt, regularly cultivates relationships with his legislative contacts.

The Indiana Dental Association Contact Dentist Program is the foundation of IDA’s advocacy. Contact Dentists volunteer to actively cultivate professional relationships with Indiana legislators, serve as a liaison to these legislators regarding the goals of the dental profession and organized dentistry, and work with IDA to identify the best opportunities to engage these legislators.

Any IDA member who has a relationship with a legislator, or any member who is interested in establishing a relationship with his or her legislator, is asked to please volunteer as a Contact Dentist. IDA provides Contact Dentists with all the training and tools necessary to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with legislative contacts.

For details on the value of contact dentists from a legislator’s perspective, check out this interview Dr. Bill Risk had with then-Representative Randy Truitt.

For more information on the IDA Contact Dentist Program, visit the IDA website.

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