Ethics and Jurisprudence 2023

Ethics and Jurisprudence 2023

Thank you for purchasing our 2023 Ethics and Jurisprudence self-study publication. The articles in this publication and a passing score of 80 percent or higher on the accompanying quiz are worth 2 CE credits in Indiana ethics and jurisprudence.


Some notes on your course:


  • Once you are finished reading each article, you can proceed directly to the course quiz.
  • Remember, you must be logged in to our website while taking the quiz in order to receive a certificate of completion. If you are logged in, you will see Hello, [Name] in the top right corner of your computer screen. If you are not logged in, click here to return your account and access the quiz.
  • You may take the quiz up to two additional times if you do not score a minimum of 80 percent. You do not need to purchase the course again in order to re-take the quiz.
  • After completing the quiz, if you’d like to see any questions you answered wrong, click the View Questions button on the score screen before logging out.



A digital version of the publication is below, or you may download a PDF version.



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