E-Prescribing Mandate Effective January 1

E-Prescribing Mandate Effective January 1

E-Prescribing Mandate Effective January 1: IDA Offers Affordable Compliance Option


Effective January 1, 2021, all Indiana prescriptions for controlled substances must be transmitted electronically to the pharmacy. Paper prescriptions for controlled substances will no longer be allowed. In response to this new state regulation, IDA’s IDEA Board vetted two companies that provide this service. IDEA is pleased to announce that DrFirst has been selected as the IDA preferred vendor for electronic prescriptions.

DrFirst offers an iPrescribe app, which can be downloaded to any tablet or phone. Through the app, a practitioner can send controlled substance prescriptions electronically in compliance with Indiana and federal law.

DrFirst is offering its app for FREE to IDA members for the first two years, with a $10 per month fee starting in the third year. This low cost solution is ideal for many dental offices, especially those that prescribe controlled substances only sporadically.

DrFirst has schedule two introductory webinars to educate IDA members on its services. Click a link below to register for your preferred date. Please note that these webinars are identical and offered at two different times for the convenience of members, so there is no reason to register for both.


Do you have more questions about Indiana’s new electronic prescription requirements? Visit our FAQ page for more information.


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