IDA Creates Workforce Task Force

IDA Creates Workforce Task Force

COVID has clearly affected dental office staffing. Many assistants and hygienists did not return to work following the spring 2020 temporary closure of most dental practices. Many employers in all industries are having trouble staffing their businesses, and dental offices are unfortunately in the same position.

In response to this problem, 2021-2022 IDA President Dr. Steven C. Hollar has appointed a Workforce Taskforce to work on our profession’s workforce shortage. Members will be tasked with addressing short term needs, “How do I fill the vacancies I have right now?” as well as long-term needs, “What can be done now to make sure we have the staff we need five, 10, 15 years from now?” There is no overnight fix for this problem, but the IDA recognizes the problem and is working on member and business solutions. They will be exploring strategies for encouraging experienced hygienists, assistants and front office personnel who left the profession, to return to the profession. They will also be studying ways to recruit new prospects into the profession, while also investigating any needed expansion of allied team educational programs around the state.

Members of the Workforce Taskforce include:

  • Dr. Steve Ellinwood (Isaac Knapp District Dental Society), Chair
  • Dr. Skip Cheesman (Indianapolis District Dental Society)
  • Dr. Lisa Conard (Ben Hur Dental Society)
  • Dr. Luciana Kano-Wilson (South Central Dental Society)
  • Dr. Jeff Stolarz (Northwest Indiana Dental Society)
  • Dr. John Williams (Indianapolis District Dental Society)
  • Dr. Dave Wolf (Indianapolis District Dental Society)
  • Andrea New, IDA Director of Volunteer Engagement


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