IDA Forms COVID-19 Task Force

IDA Forms COVID-19 Task Force

IDA has formed a COVID-19 Task Force comprised of member leaders who will help shape IDA’s response and strategies related to the virus outbreak. Specific goals of the task force include the following:

  • Collect and verify the scientific information pertinent to the practice of dentistry in Indiana.
  • Collect, verify and seek professional guidance on all government programs designed to help the dental practice through the pandemic.
  • Set up on the IDA website a question section which IDA members can ask question and receive answers form IDA staff, Executive Committee and Task Force members.
  • Devise plans to help IDA dentists obtain the proper PPE so they can go back to treating patients.
  • Outline proper steps to be taken to protect the patients the staff members and the dentist in Indiana.
  • Outline strategies and steps to help retain members.
  • Coordinate with all present IDA committees to be sure of no duplication of tasks and to ensure fast and organized completion of tasks.
  • Coordinate with other dental related organizations regarding COVID-10 responses.


Below is a list of Task Force members:

Dr. Steve Hollar
Dr. Matt Kolkman
Dr. Megan Keck
Dr. Jeffrey Platt
Dr. Patricia Clark


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