IDA Leaders Convene for Strategic Planning

IDA Leaders Convene for Strategic Planning

Dr. Daniel Fridh strategic planning session

IDA President Dr. Dan Fridh welcomes participants to the 2018 strategic planning retreat.

IDA officers, trustees, committee chairs and staff assembled at Lake Wawasee in Syracuse, IN on July 27-28 for a deep dive into implementation of the IDA Strategic Plan.

President Dan Fridh welcomed participants and described the meeting as one of the most important in recent IDA history. This was the first leadership meeting under the Association’s revamped committee structure and the emphasis was on establishing a productive working relationship between the board and committee chairs.

The Friday afternoon-Saturday morning meeting focused on the four priority items of the revised IDA Strategic Plan:

1. Membership – Make membership valuable to every dentist.

2. Resource Management – Make efficient use of volunteers, staff and finances.

3. Advocacy – Be the most influential voice on oral health.

4. Oral Health – Improve oral health.

Dr. Fridh, who is also past chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, noted that the past two years have been devoted to refining the strategic plan and streamlining the Association’s organizational structure. “Now is the time for action,” he said.

A complete copy of the IDA Strategic Plan can be downloaded here>>>

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