IDA Remembers Dr. Holwager

IDA Remembers Dr. Holwager

IDA is saddened to announce the death of Dr. Dave Holwager, our former president and a faithful IDA member and volunteer since 1982.

Dedicated to organized dentistry to the very end, Dr. Holwager passed away in his sleep in San Francisco while attending the ADA World Congress as Indiana’s delegation secretary.

Dr. Holwager was one of the IDA’s most enthusiastic and intrepid supporters, having volunteered on committees and for activities too numerous to count. His most notable leadership positions were president of the IDA in 2005-06, member of the ADA Delegation since 2000, co-chair of IDPAC, member of the MEWA Trust board and the Eastern District Dental Society trustee since 1999. Dr. Holwager operated a solo practice in Cambridge City and was involved in numerous civic activities in Wayne County.

We pass our deepest condolences to Dr. Holwager’s wife, Elaine, and their two daughters Mary Jean and Andrea.

Dr. Holwager obituary

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