IDA Responds to Opioid Epidemic

IDA Responds to Opioid Epidemic

Mr. Jay Dziwlikby Mr. Jay Dziwlik, Assistant Executive Director


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Headlines and quotes about the opioid epidemic are hard to miss.

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“Indy lawmaker turns to law and order approach to fight opioid epidemic. Sen. Jim Merritt was key in passing more than 15 pieces of legislation this year dedicated to fighting the opioid epidemic through an emphasis on treatment and prevention.” Indianapolis Star Oct 2017

“Opioid overdoses kill nearly 5 people every hour, CDC says.” CBS News March 6, 2018

“In just one year, overdoses from opioids jumped by about 30 percent.” CDC March 6, 2018

“We have an emergency on our hands. The fast-moving opioid overdose epidemic continues and is accelerating. The largest regional increase occurred in the Midwest, which saw a 69.7 percent jump in opioid overdoses.” CDC Acting Director Anne Schuchat

“In 2016, 1,526 Indiana drug related deaths; a 23% increase over 2015.” CDC December 19, 2017

In light of the statistics and as potential prescribers of scheduled drugs for their patients, Indiana Dentists and the Indiana Dental Association are concerned and taking action.

IDA is responding to the crisis in a variety of ways.

IDA and its members are involved in the dialogue….

IDA Immediate Past President Dr. Jay Asdell has been selected to serve on the Indiana Attorney General’s Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force, whose mission is to significantly reduce the abuse of controlled prescription drugs and to decrease the number of deaths associated with these drugs in Indiana.

IDA Director of Government Affairs Ed Popcheff, members of the Council on Government Affairs, and IDA contact dentists have been interacting with Indiana lawmakers on proposed opioid related legislative changes. IDA is working to create common sense legislation in the area of informing patients of the dangers of scheduled drug prescriptions; utilization of the Indiana INSPECT online prescribing database and continuing education requirements to insure all prescribers are well informed.

The IDA is educating Indiana dentists and dental staff….

IDA is constantly providing timely, affordable educational sessions you can apply the very next day in practice. Several continuing education courses have included “Drugs, Bugs and Dental Products; What to Prescribe!” by Dr. Peter Jacobson and “Less Pain Fewer Opioids” presented by Dr. Don Teater during the IDA Annual Session 2018.

The American Dental Association offers over 20 online webinars and continuing education seminars on opioids and opioid prescribing. Check them out at

The IDA created the Dental Prescription Reference Guide…

This newly revised and updated pocket sized prescription guide is an aid to dentists in prescribing medication for the treatment of dental patients. The extensive section on pain management and prescribing of opioids provides peer reviewed guidance to helps dentist treat their patients. The 70+ page guide provides references on anxiety, bacterial, viral and fungal infections, soft tissue management, prophylactic antibiotic coverage, pediatric dosing, and many other dental specific topics common to oral health and treatment of patients. You can order your guide online at

The Indiana Dental Association and Indiana Dentists will continue to protect their patients and do their part in the midst of this crisis.


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